Welcome to Timber Hearts! I love to build lasting, high quality hardwood furniture that balances function and beauty. Whether you need something as big as a dining room table or as small as a change bowl, it will be carefully crafted just for you.

Although I did some woodworking in my younger days, my serious woodworking began about 10 years ago after my wife and I had our daughter Casey. Not only was I looking for a hobby that kept me close to home (our garage), but we had a growing list of of tables, chairs, storage, and other items we needed around the house for our family. Instead of buying them, I set out to create special one-of-a-kind pieces that we could enjoy for the rest of our lives. With each piece, I learned new skills and eventually found my style. I gradually started to create pieces for other people outside my family, and found that I really enjoy it.

I promise to spend as much time on your furniture as I would if it was for my own family. Please have a look at my previous work and contact me if you would like me to create something for you.

– Tim Barnes