How to place an order?
Each item built is 100% customized to your likes and needs. For this reason, there is not an option to add something to your cart and checkout. If you would like to have a custom piece created, please fill out the Contact Us form or you may send us an email if you prefer. Tell us a little about what you are looking for to get things started. Please also tell us the best time and way to contact you. We will follow up within 1-3 business days. We likely have a few more questions, but after a few calls or emails we should be well on the way to building you the EXACT piece you want or need.

How much does a custom piece of furniture cost?
Depending on the wood, size of the piece, finish, and level of detail the cost of your order may vary. For some of the smaller, more straight forward items (like the letter wall art) an order could be as low as $500. If you select an exotic wood, with a multi-layered finish and lots of intricate details your item may be as much as $5000. We will work with you on your desired product and budget.

How long does it take from the time of order to the time of delivery?
Some orders may be ready for delivery or pick-up within a few weeks, but some of the larger more involved items may take multiple weeks or months. If you have a time requirement with your order please be sure to communicate that need early on. We will be able to let you know if the date can be met easily, with a lot of extra nights and weekends, or not at all. With custom pieces we want to insure that every order delivered is exactly what the customer requested. We also have very high standards on quality and will not deliver an item that is not to our standard. To make sure that everything that leaves our shop follows these guidelines, we do take time with each order. We will give you a timeline before the order is started.

Can I select my wood and the finish color/stain?
Each order is 100% custom. However, not all woods are available in all areas. We will work with you to use the wood and finish that you select. If your budget does not work with the higher end exotic woods we will work with you to find an alternative that looks close but is more cost effective. If the wood you request is not available in our area, we can see about getting it ordered (adding time and cost for delivery) or we can work with you to select a different wood that is available. We work with a variety of stains and finishes. Depending on the intended use of the item we may suggest one type of finish over another. You may select the look of the finish (color, glossy/matte, etc).

Are painted finishes an option?
Wood furniture is beautiful and we strongly suggest that you allow the natural beauty of the wood to heighten the piece we are making for you. While it is not our first choice, we will paint an item if that is what you request. We will do our best to talk you out of it though.

Is wood the only material available, or do you work with anything else?
Most of our work is wood. However, we do use some metals, glass/plexi-glass, and even some stone tops if that is what the style call for. If you really want a glass door or metal legs or a stone top we will gladly make the piece to fit your vision. While we will include other materials, the primary material in each piece is wood.