How long will a battery last while powering an 8Zed Inverter?

The length of time that your vehicle/stand-alone battery will last when running an Inverter will be determined by 2 main factors. Firstly the Amp/Hour rating of the batteries you are using, as well as the power draw of the appliances you are running. For example: a 100Watt appliance, operating from 12 Volts, will be using approximately 8.5 Amps per hour.

Therefore a 100 Amp/Hour Battery will provide approximately 11.5 hours of continuous running power for this individual appliance. Depending on the size of the inverter, the standby draw ranges from 0.8amps to 1.5amps. Inverters also only draw the required amount of power for the device, regardless of the size of the inverter.

Batteries have an Amp Hour (AH) rating on them to assist in determining their longevity. Using the calculator found in the Inverter Selection Guide, it is easy to find the appliances draw in Amps. To apply this information, follow example 1 below.

€¢ A 120W appliance operating from a 12v power supply will draw ... more.»

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